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I help people align with what their spirit, and what their spirit wants to accomplish in this life. This is my passion and my own life’s work.

Everyone is a unique puzzle piece in the overall life tapestry.  Everyone is gifted with their own special viewpoint, strengths and desires for a reason. If they aren’t following their life path, then a piece of the world is not moving forward.  This is a time on the planet where all of humanity deeply needs people awake, alive and following their calling – it’s crucial.  I am here to help you awaken to your own special superpowers, because they are blessed and they are necessary.

My path to this life work has been varied and winding.  I’ve been a soldier, a computer programmer, a $20 million salesman, a campaign director, a lobbyist, and a photographer in the past.  Each transition was a step in the right direction in aligning with my purpose –  each step I got closer, and also realized what ELSE I wanted every time.  Every new thing I tried also gave me important skills and perspectives that are useful to me today.

As a soldier I learned the value of leadership,  endurance and training my body.  I also learned lessons in group dynamics that can’t be taught in class.  My biggest lesson of all was that I wanted to be in command of my own life.

As a programmer, I learned the art of programming (a meditation on language, logic and systems)  - a paradigm that today helps me to program the human biocomputer. My biggest lesson of all  was that I discovered that I liked interfacing with people more than machines.

As a salesman, I learned the art of deep listening and understanding hidden motivations.  I honed my craft as a communicator. I learned how to close deals. My biggest lesson of all was that I wanted to use these skills to move humanity forward.

As a campaign director, I learned how to rally people.  I learned how to inspire and to organize people.  I learned how to find out what was in a person’s heart, and help that energy to lead then where they need to go.  I learned how to communicate with people diametrically opposed to me, and to still find middle ground.  My biggest lesson of all was that change starts inside the individual –  to heal the pains of society, we must first heal the pains inside our own hearts.

As a photographer, I reconnected with my artistic side.  As a child, I was told that artists don’t make any money, which is why I went into computers.   I chose to unlearn that childhood lesson, and developed a successful photography business.  As a photographer I learned deep empathy by watching my clients’ expressions intently, drawing out and attempting to capture their most beautiful thought-forms on their faces.  I learned how to be an entrepreneur, and how to market myself in the digital age.  I was incredibly happy as as photographer (and I still love the art), but I felt that I had an even greater contribution to give.   My biggest lesson… was that the art that inspired me most was the art of crafting consciousness, and as an effect, crafting reality itself.


A Course Correction to Service to Others

Throughout all of those career shifts, I had also been on a parallel path:  a magical path and a healing path (they are one and the same to me).  After relegating it to the back burner for years, I finally realized that this path was my true calling.  It was time to use the skills that I had been developing for a decade in private, because they were skills that were timely and necessary to world I was living in.  It was time to come out of the broom closet.

My magical path began as a geeky queer kid, whose nose was always buried in a fantasy novel.  I would fantasize about my own magic superpowers after being inspired by novels such as The Black Cauldron, The Chronicles of Narnia, and movies such as The NeverEnding Story, The Dark Crystal and cartoons such as the Smurphs and Gummi Bears.  This media was an activation code for me, and modeled for me what magic was supposed to look like. I remember sitting in the playground with a few other magical 9 year olds imagining ourselves as vampire-slayers.  (This in a way came true later in life and I grappled with vampiric thought-forms)

This magical childhood gave way to a thoroughly un-magical late teenage and early adult years.  The default consensual reality says that magic isn’t real, and soon that collective wisdom ground down the sensitivities I’d developed as a child.

That all shifted when in the summer of 2002, I had a traumatic and awakening psychic experience happen to me.  It was an experience that could not be understood by my operating system at the time, and cracked open my comfortable though limited understanding of reality.  In one night I had my third eye painfully torn open, and I would never see anything the same way again.  It was in the same period of time (and they may be connected) that I contracted HIV, an experience that wrecked my self-esteem and forever humbled me.  These two events began my journey to make sense of what I had experienced, develop tools to deal with it in the future, and to begin to finally heal myself.  It was also at this time that I committed myself to a path of Service to Others.


Roots in Magic and Shamanism

My first magical skills that I picked up  were Tarot and Astrology.  The Tarot helped me to understand and work with the archetypes that Carl Jung wrote so much about.  Astrology taught me to think in terms of cycles, both grand and small, and in terms of layered influences.

My magical training hit a serious stride when I was initiated into a coven of Celtic witches in 2006.  I learned how to build power and charge and to direct energy. I learned how to listen to nature to discover her secrets.  I also learned how healing immersion in nature could be to a person, and how it could reset many aspects of unhealthy thinking.

I later began apprenticing with a shaman in 2009, and learned sound healing, shamanic journeywork, somatic emotional work, deep inquiry, power animal work, altar (mesa) work, intention crafting, angelic work, medicine work, and activated my intuitive guidance system.  Basically ascension magic. It was here that I learned the power of the body to unlock the mental belief systems.


EFT and Brain Mechanics – A Journey into Self Love

In 2010 I met Sonya Sophia Illig at Burning Man, and I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and my favorite healing modality of all time as well as one of my favorite magical tools.  EFT provided the MOST effective toolset I have yet discovered for programming the human biocomputer. Even a 3o minute group session in the desert had a dramatic effect on my life. It has offerred me the deepest transformation in the shortest amount of time. It was with this tool that I began to make dramatic progress with life-long body image, scarcity and health issues.  It was also one of the most effective tools I’ve found to manifest things.  It was then I decided to truly master this powerful healing tool.  Since that day I have participated or facilitated all of Sonya Sophia’s workshops, learning what I can from one of the true masters of the modality on this planet. I also learned NVC (Non-Violent Communication), a powerful tool in creating deep, honest communication with those you are are in relation with.   Sonya taught me power of self-love as a change agent in consciousness. She also taught me master skills on the path to being an empath and intuitive.

In summary:

As a Life Coach, I offer you the wealth of my business and artistic training to help you achieve tangible career and business goals.

As an EFT Expert Practitioner, I offer you the wealth of my empathic and human biocomputer programming skills to help reweave your consciousness into a more graceful and productive pattern –  it’s with great pride that I own the job title of EFT Expert Practitioner.

As a Professional Wizard, I offer the wealth of my magical training in helping you align to your spirit and your path.




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