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Skype and Phone Sessions are an easy way to begin your transformational journey

  • Do therapeutic work from the comfort of your own home

  • Save travel time getting to appointments 

  • I am much more accessible to phone and Skype clients

  • I am just as intuitive plugged into you as I would be sitting across from you (if not more so)

  • Receive a free recording of your session (depending on platform)

  • It's easier for me to offer you mini sessions when you are trying to move through a challenge 

  • Your pace and momentum aren't interrupted by your travel schedule 

  • You can even have the session on your headphones while walking through the woods

How do we start?

Is Skype Coaching as effective as Face-to-Face coaching?

Yes!  On my end of things I find I am likely to get more intuitive messages when i am not as focused on a person's reactions as I am ina face to face meeting.  I can also tune out many of my other senses and tune into you more easily.  In a couples session it's often easier for me to see two

People close together on a screen.  Another big issue with my face-to-face couples is that often travel and conflicting schedules makes it difficult to get both people in my office at the same time.  A skype session makes that incredibly easy.  It's also a great way to work with people in long distance relationships.

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