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Inner Compass Coach
& Relationship Alchemist

I imagine that you are here because your spirit is asking for growth, for healing, or for life to show up in a new way. Luckily, everything you need, you already have! You are a perfect being, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

My role is to help reconnect you to your inner source of wisdom and guidance, and to help recondition the beliefs and perspectives that disconnect you from your power.

I’ve spent 12 years specializing in several powerful therapies and perspectives that work with the unconscious mind and your your own natural creative powers.

Strategic Counseling & Accountability Coaching

It helps to have a second perspective helping to sort out the good ideas from the bad, to make decisions, to prioritize and create a plan. It REALLY helps to have someone there who remembers your goals and dreams who is there to help you stick to it, and to be your personal cheerleader when the going gets tough.

Emotional Freedom Technique, 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis

Powerful techniques designed to release trauma from the body, and recondition the mind to be in sync with the fullness of your being and the life that you are creating.

Somatically-Focused Self Inquiry

Access the rich data that exists in your body to help reorganize your inner world.  This is the key to an ongoing self-realization, and a tool that will help you in every moment of your life. 

Energetic Tools in a Multi-Dimensional & Reflective Environment

Ever get the feeling that there is more to you than just your physical form? That your energy has an impact on your environment and directs the way that your life plays out? Every play with the Law of Attraction?  Build a rich toolbox that let’s you navigate this dimension. 

Relationship & Communication Skillbuilding


Everything is relationship. Everything. When you realize how to be in right-relationship with every being, everything gets easier. Develop life-changing communication skills that speak to every aspect of your being.

If you know you want to work with me and you’re trying to figure out how, you may schedule a 60-minute free consultation with me now, my calendar is online.

I'm excited that you are here, because there is so much I wish to share with you to equip you for the wild, beautiful adventure we are all on together. 

1. I will help you to anchor a rock-solid relationship with your innermost being.  Sometimes it sweetly whispers, and sometimes it smacks you up upside the head with a 2×4. Let’s learn to hear the whisper, shall we?  Because it has the MOST amazing guidance to offer you on everything in your life.  Better guidance than I can give you, because I’m not living your life.    This means that you will have the perspective that will unwind out-dated patterns and step into the authorship of your own reality. It also means that you will have a keen sense of things as your intuition develops real muscles.

2. You will have a rich toolset to transform the emotions that have derailed you in the past. You will learn how to work with and surf the waves and movements and machinations of your ego and personality. You will learn specifically HOW to love yourself fully.  Your emotional experience will become a treasure-trove of vital, useful information rather than something you fear or avoid, and that means that you can fully show up for life in your full vibrancy.

3. You will learn how to play well with others.  You will have a practiced knowledge of how your emotional energy impacts and interplays with the emotional fields and personalities of your fellow humans. You will become a strong communicator and learn how to express yourself with the wholeness of your being.  You will look forward to difficult conversations with others because you will feel balanced and steady inside and you will understand the secrets to the game of communication that allow everyone to walk away from the conversation enlightened and soothed and connected.  You will fully RECEIVE that love that the Universe is offering you through these interactions.

4. You will develop an experiential understanding of how life reflects your energy and  assembles tangible reality around you. Suddenly barriers begin to dissolve and goals that seemed so far off are already materializing in your life. This means that you experience your dreams in the present moment. Now!  It only gets bigger, it crystalizes, and you are already living with it.  You become masterful at calling things in, and enjoying the ride. Life gets more magical.




Are you looking to find more meaning and fulfillment in your life? Eric Nielson Counseling offers intuitive guidance and a soul-driven approach to an ever expanding sense of identity. With Eric’s help, you can make powerful shifts in your life that will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and a sense of joy and purpose. Rediscover the work you were created to do, and go from hating your job to loving it.

About Eric Nielson

My highest joy in life is to help people hear the the voice of their own spirit, and to fully express that voice in the world. This is the path to the most meaning, the most joy, and the most love in this life that I have discovered thus far. 


This is the path of vocation: following the calling of the voice within.


If you trace my path to becoming a healer, it winds through 10 years of working for some of the biggest companies in America (the govermentment, IBM, Bechtel, Westinghouse) and then 10 years of being in business for myself, first as a political organizer, an artist and then a healer.   Change and paradigm shift have been with me every step of the way, and I have become intimately aware of the process of recreating oneself. I have been a soldier, a software developer,  a high-powered salesman, a campaign organizer, a lobbyist, a designer and photographer and a healer. Reinventing myself so many times has allowed me to learn how to make change feel graceful, and easy and fun. I've also learned that it's probably not going to be as hard to get to where you want as you might think it is. 

In 2005, I had two major occurances affect my life.  One was the devastating loss of a political campaign and the realization that I would have to deal with a life-threatening illness. I came to the realization that the change in society would have to occur at the individual level, one person at a time. I also realized that I had to heal myself... and thus my journey began. 


In those 10 years, I encountered many healing modalities such as art therapy,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hakomi Method (Somatic Therapy), Transcendental Meditation, Narrative Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Shamanic practices.  When I found something that had a profound effect on me, I learned everything I could about it.  I would follow the master of that craft around as an apprentice and I would absorb everything I could and move on. 


Ten years later I am hoping to share the treasures that I have discovered with you.

What we might work on while working together

Managing the emergeant you - Moving through processes of evolution/ realization/ manifestation/ embodiment with grace and ease. 


Hearing, developing, and trusting your intuitive inner voice.  Finding the mental position that creates you as a bigger, more powerful, more free, more loving person. 


The technology of unconditional love. Fully accept yourself,  your life and those around you.  


Claiming AUTHORity of your life story - Take the reigns to intentionally write the screenplay and backstory of your life experience and your frame of reality.  Get skillful at the art of self-talk and the power of your words. 


Excitement Mapping - Hearing the call of your soul to something that you have never seen before, never experienced before and that you are just starting to grasp from your ever expanding perspective. 


Playing better relationship games - Play the games that lift you up and help you evolve and empower you. Gain the sensitivity to notice which ones are not.  Negotiate powerful subconscious agreements that are better deals for your life. 


The physics of energetic resonance - Viscerally understand the properties that drive The Law of Attraction. Feel the mechanics of how you tune the world around you. 


Toolsets, strategies and self-care for empathic human beings. 


Exercise and Mental Health - Fueling the tank and creating the resources necessary to run the best mental software/ musical score. 

Physical healing - Having conversations with your body about what you really want to see happen and how you want to create yourself. Tapping into the communication channel with your body so that effective participation and collaboration can happen. Holding peace in your body. 


Trauma release/reimprinting - Allowing your body to reorganize and recreate your historical experiences. 


Nurturing the creative self


Inner and Outer conflict resolution - creating harmony with your inner voices and outer relationships. Getting needs that appear to conflict to work together.  One of the biggest reasons people have a hard time moving forward in their life. Dealing with the emotions and reactions of others. 


Hearing, developing and trusting  your intuitive inner voice. 


Finding sweetness and joy in your reality. 


Fundamentals of Manifestation. 


Practicing self-care in the midst of spiritual awakening.


Bringing Magic back into your life and surfing synchronicity. Understanding inner resistance and opening to grace and flow. 



Office Locations

San Francisco, Lower Haight

548 Fillmore Ave

San Francisco, CA 94114

Big Island of Hawaii

  12-7194 Ki'i Nani Place

Pahoa, Hawaii 96778  

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