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Compassionate Communication Toolset (Non Violent Communication)


This powerful technology creates a deep sense of empathy and understanding between people who use it as well as being a path to self-discovery.  This is powerful instrument to heal any relationships that feels stuck in pain and defensiveness. It's also a very powerful way to communicate what you want so that it amplifies the desire in others to help you accomplish those goals. 


Inventory of Universal Needs for Non-violent Communication


This list allows us to increase or our experiential vocabulary, to describe what we are experiencing in rich detail.  Often what causes us upset or strong negative emotion in communication is the result of a need not being met.  Whenever you are upset in a relationship, do inner inquiry and try to notice which of these energies you are lacking in the moment. This was inspired by the book "Non-Violent Communcation: A language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg and the Center for Non-Violent Communication; I updated and improved them. 


Inventory of Emotions for Non-violent Communication


This sheet helps us to have a rich emotional vocubulary to own and decribe what our inner state is.  
50 Ways to take a break


A beautiful poster made by Karen Horneffer-Ginter with 50 reminders of ways that you can take a break and bring yourself into more well-being. These are the ways that you can provide your inner self with resources and resilience. These are all helpful in regulating your mood. 


The Openness to Discovery Scale
A wonderful tool developed by the Hendricks Institute shows the gradiants of moves that a person can take toward learning and discovery or conversly toward defensiveness, blaming or withdrawing.  "The great advantage of openness-to-learning is that you're in charge of it at all times; it's always within your control to shift out of defensiveness into genuine curiosity.  This move has an immediate affect on your body, you can feel it internally as you make the shift. 
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