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 Past Events

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Full Spectrum Communication



The Center SF

San Francisco

There is more to good communication than using the right words and avoiding the wrong ones. The verbal dimension is often the last car in the communication train that begins with your sense of being, your identity, your frame of mind, your perception, your physiology, your energy body, and the calmness or inflammation of your ego. This class seeks to build skills in those more generative layers of communication that precede words, so that you will naturally and intuitively find better language, or even get the result you desire without having to speak at all. 

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Following Your Divine YES



Anahasana Village 

Burning Man

Black Rock City

Navigate with ease and grace in an inherently chaotic environment like Black Rock City.  


Radical Intuitive Decisions



Mt. Tabor Park

Portland OR

Some decisions are tiny, such as choosing an ice cream flavor, and some decisions are massive, such as choosing where to live or who to be in relationship with, but each choice inches you or catapults you toward your destiny. Choices are the artistic cuts that carve your life path. Choices are a most creative and expressive act. 

My intention for you in this class is to help you tap into a rich and deep layer of information that will radically inform the power of your choosing. Decisions will become easier to make, and simultaneously feel more heartfelt and confident. I also want you to recognize all the places that you are choosing, and why you have been choosing them the way that you have been.  

This is your chance to hone your gut instinct and even expand it into whole-being level intuition. We will be looking at ways to practice, hone and calibrate your intuitive thinking and also how to deal with what gets in the way of intuitive thinking. 


The Radiant Heart - Mt. Shasta Retreat


03/18/2016 - 


Mt .Shasta, CA

Reiki Attunement Retreat



Manifestation Intensive- Mt. Shasta Equinox Retreat


03/05/2015 - 


Mt .Shasta, CA

Manifestation Weeklong retreat.  



Making a Good Living as a Healer




Portland OR

I would love to share with you stories about my journey to being a financially abundant healer, and I in turn would love to learn more from you! 
Some of the subjects that I feel excited sharing: 
Getting permission (giving it to yourself) to be a healer. 
Getting yourself marketed on the web quickly. 
Identifying your target audience and your targeted marketing messages.
How to use your practice/free sessions as an opportunity to invest in and market yourself. 
Powerful ways to think about your healing career that will make it more fun and enjoyable for you. 

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