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Paradigm Shift: Learning How to Swim

The field of the collective consciousness is getting looser and more fluid and transmitting energy faster. If you are attached to walking along frozen ice on the surface of a river because that's the way that it's been as long as you remember and it's what you know and it's what feels safe - you may be in for a surprise as the ice is melting and the water is moving faster and faster. Loosen your grip on walking as a way of traveling, it has served you well but it's time may be passing. It's time to learn to swim. A new way of movement is required that knows how to dance with fluidity and change and is more sensitive to current. To feel the movement of the water and to move the water is important. It can be quite pleasant the more space you create in yourself to learn. The old safe worn routes and movements through life may no longer be the safest...or safe at all. As the collective gets more fluid there is less top down organizing of humanity as the medium won't support it. Every person, every node of consciousness becomes a creator and must take responsibility for their creating. Water molecules organize differently in fluid. If you are used to being told what to do or what is, now is a good time to learn to self-realize truth and self navigate.... you will need it as the old anchors of your reality drift away or sink. Authority is a very heavy thing and is sinking fast. Learn to dog paddle and in time you'll be peacefully floating on your back looking at the scenery. Develop your intuition. Listen to your heart. Loosen your mental thought patterns. Swim.

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