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February 15th-23rd


with Eric Nielson

Connecting to your inner landscape - while experiencing Earths body

Why Guatemala.  What is it about that place?   Here two great land masses are stretching apart, and you are present with the opening of the earth and the passionate insides of the Earth, ( the liquid (emotion) turning to earth (form).  What a fantastic place to get far enough away from our every day surroundings and become immersed in a different culture.    What a great place to forge new identity in the cauldron of a volcano, and be tempered by it's waters.  

Lake Atitlan

the Villa Sumaya

As the world is beginning to change so rapidly, so it calls us to also change rapidly 

Day 1: Arrive and Get Grounded.  

Gentleness and getting into the body will be the theme of the day. We will have a heart circle in the evening after dinner to get aquatinted and set some intentions.  

Day 2: Wake for the first day of connecting.   

In the morning after breakfast there will be a small amount of Chi Gung, We will be doing some exercises on the tuning of the energy field.  

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