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" This is not like psychotherapy or traditional psychology where it takes years to see life improve.  EFT is the most efficient therapy that I have ever encountered. It is astounding how much you can get done in one session.  " 


- Bill S. (read full testimonial) 

"I feel drawn to call Eric a Vibrancy Coach.  His tactics during sessions are experiential for those of us who are looking for more than just talk therapy."

Sarah W (read full testimonial) 

"Eric is immediately warm, generous, present and engaging and has an energy and enthusiasm about your personal journey that is infectious. In one session, I found myself comfortably tapping into my actual internal emotional responses to situations, role playing, crying some and being challenged to look at myself closer. Eric was very adept at helping me identify strengths that I had been overlooking and reframe parts of myself that I wanted to reject as we discussed my reasons for seeking help. Eric made me feel extremely seen and heard and hopeful about changing my self-perspective. 


- Sara (read full testimonial) 

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" The power to dig right into the juiciness comes from Eric's astounding ability to focus in on my intuition and depth as a human being.  His work *exercises* my ability to ensure my own well-being from place that is truly me, so that I can carry myself through my day from a place of true confidence and knowing.


 In a nutshell: Eric is a personal trainer for the soul! I highly recommend his services. " 


- Liz W. (read full testimonial) 

" In my first session I walked out of the experience with practical skills to self sooth and self heal from what had negatively affected me for weeks.  With time I find that I am digging into long standing thought patterns that no longer serve me and transforming them to those that do serve my true intention to be happy, healthy and free from needless mental suffering.  Eric creates an environment that fosters this sort of self exploration and growth.  He guides the student down the path that can be hard to look at or even impossible to see on their own.  I am so grateful I have such a skilled EFT practitioner in my life and I am certain you will feel the same!" 


- Derrick (read full testimonial) 

"My session with Eric was a powerful opening, a releasing of things I wasn't conscious I was holding. Eric blended multiple techniques and tools, such as EFT, visualization and movement, to experientially move me through scenarios and gently guide me to healing. It was surprising, refreshing and extremely effective - much more so than therapy I've done in the past...


...My time with Eric was a remembrance of my true self; a fortifying of my power and connection to Source, a reminder of all of the support and love I am surrounded by at all times. It was a calling-in of my skills, my strengths, my guides, a re-integration of the pieces of me, an affirmation of my truth. I'm so excited to work with him further and go deeper on this journey of healing and wholeness - together.


- Michelle (read full testimonial) 

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